Do you have a plan to protect your shareholders and your brand in the event of a major incident? Do you have a team trained to manage any incident that may arise? Is your company fully compliant with all relevant regulations? Is your incident software ready to run at a moment’s notice?

Alitek’s Response Solutions practice is dedicated to helping our clients protect their organizational assets while reducing the impact on business operations, brand image and shareholder value caused by a unforeseen incident or regulatory issue. Our team incorporates our vast experience to examine threats and work with our clients to mitigate those risks through professional response and proper Planning, Training, Exercises, Auditing and Regulatory Compliance.

Each member of Alitek’s Response Solutions Team has over 15 years of experience in both the government and private sectors with unique talents, insight and experiences. They come from a variety of backgrounds, which include: military, law enforcement (Federal and local), spill response (Type 1 and 2 Incident Commanders), cyber security, business continuity, health and environmental safety, multiple certifications (i.e. CPP, CRM, CBCP) and auditing.

Incident Management

Our Emergency/Incident Management Teams are capable of meeting the requirements of any incident, small or large.

Our worldwide roster of on-call IMT professionals includes:

  • Type 1 Incident Commanders
  • Type 1 Operations Section Chiefs
  • Type 1 Planning Section Chiefs
  • Type 1 Logistics and Finance Section Chiefs
  • Type 1 Command Staff Officers

Unique and Adaptable

We are often called upon to implement solutions for clients in unprecedented situations. Our team has the experience and knowledge to engineer an effective solution and set the standard for the future.

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